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Looking for something exciting and breath taking for your next event, exhibition, competition, show or party? The exclusive official Flyboard® show team by Zapata Racing with one of the best Flyboard® riders in the world can bring unforgettable appearance and make your attendees, guests, friends amazed. We offer you the only one and exclusive Official Flyboard® show by Zapata Racing.

As long as there is sea, ocean, river or lake near by, our Flyboard® show team Flyboard® Hoverboard® JetPack® riders can fly higher than 15 meters above the water, do dives like dolphins, spin, flip, dance and give LIVE superhero performance that will stay in audience’s memory forever!

Shows can be performed either in day time or night time and can include up to 10 Flyboard® Riders, including the world best riders to assure a spectacular show like you never seen before. Many additional options can be added according to the event and clients needs.


- Minimum area: 20 x 20 meters for the show (at least, contact us)
- Flyboard / hoverboard action: 50 x 30 meters minimum
- Depth: 3 meters minimum (if less, please contact us)
- Cleaned and Secured Area, without rocks, cables ...


We can bring a lot more for your show and your desire, big wall led screen, pyrotechnic show, laser manipulation show, taking footage by drone and our expert digital team.
As the official world show provider of Zapata Racing®, Flyboard® Show has created the most enigmatic, exciting and energetic shows specifically tailored to each individual event.


Contact us today 
- By phone : Kristen : +1 603-770-5316
- By email : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Let's discuss your project, we will work on it carefully to offer you the show you've always dreamt about.

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Flyboard Shows by Kristen Smoyer

Create your unique show specifically adapted to your own private or public event. Innovative and exciting… Kristen will showcase her talents up close and personal whilst the audience watch in awe! With personal access to all our new creations and innovations.

Our shows provide the WOW effect, with unique creativity in only the safest of conditions providing a friendly experience from start to finish.

  • Shows
  • LED Night Shows
  • Private Events
  • Festivals
  • Boat Shows
  • Sporting Events

To discuss and learn more about how to setup a Flyboard Show.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Pictures from our Photo Gallery